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Can I send print jobs from home/dorms/work and print them out later on at the library?

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Yes. Send print jobs on the go from anywhere for later printing at the library. Go to: or download the PrinterOn app.


  1. Make sure to select either "Library Printer 3" or "Library Color" (if you want to print in color). The default printer first listed is for another lab on campus.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Browse to your document.
  4. Click the green printer icon.
  5. You will receive a "Release code," which you will need to print your document.
  6. Select the "GoPrint Mobile" icon at the respective print station for the printer you selected.
  7. Enter your release code, press "ok," and then follow normal printing procedures.
  8. If you sent more than one print job and entered the same email address each time, you will only have to enter one release code for all of your print jobs.

These print jobs will remain available for 24 hours. Please bring an electronic copy of your document on a USB drive with you or send a copy to your email just in case the print job fails for some reason.