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After I graduate, can I still use my Coyote OneCard to check things out? And can I still use the databases?

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After you graduate, or if you don't register for the upcoming quarter (Fall/Winter/Spring), you get a library "grace period" of 90 days. We offer this so that students have an opportunity to finish any incomplete assignments/courses. During the grace period, you may check things out and access our databases remotely just as you always have.

After the 90 days, your library privileges expire. You will no longer be able to login to the databases from home, but you can still come to campus to use them. ***Please note that two databases are available solely to current CSUSB students & employees: SciFinder Scholar, and Safari Tech Books (O'Reilly). 

If you want to check out physical books from the library, you can join the CSUSB Alumni Association to get a library card. Membership in the Alumni Association is free for the first year after you graduate, but after that, it requires a membership fee. If you prefer not to join the Alumni Association, you can join the Pfau Library Associates to get a library card, which also requires a membership fee. Once you have an Alumni or Associates library card, you are eligible to place Interlibrary Loan requests, but in person only, not online. Fill out a printed request form (available at the Check-Out Desk on the first floor) for each item, submit completed forms at the Check-Out Desk, and pay a $5 fee per request when picking things up.

If you had printing/photocopying money added to your Coyote OneCard, that amount should remain available, and you should still be able to use your OneCard to pay for printing or photocopying in the library. You should be able to add cash to your card with the ValuePort machine in the library, but not with a credit/ATM card in MyCoyote.