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Do you have the textbook for my course?

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Maybe!  We try very hard to make as many textbooks available as possible, but we are unable to offer every single one.  If we have the one you need, it will be at the Course Reserves Desk on our 1st floor.  How does this work?

The purpose of our Course Reserves system is to give lots of students access to, in most cases, just one or two copies of a textbook.  Therefore, when you check one out (we don't rent them!), you only get it for two hours.  You can read it, photocopy it, or scan it.  Free scanning is available in the Copy Machines Room on the 1st floor.

You will bring a current Coyote OneCard (no other ID is accepted) and the call number of the textbook you want to the Course Reserves Desk where a library staff member will retrieve the textbook and check it out to you.

Here are the instructions for discovering if we have the textbook you want and getting its call number:

OneSearch User's Guide: Searching for Course Reserves



Sorry, we cannot accept Interlibrary Loan requests for required textbooks.

To rent a textbook, see the Coyote Bookstore for info on rentals.