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Do you have the textbook for my course?

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  • Sometimes professors put their own copies of current textbooks "on reserve," (also known as "Course Reserves") or "in the library" for a whole class to use.
  • Sometimes the library owns copies of current textbooks.  Although we try to buy as many textbooks as possible, the large variety in use on campus makes it impossible for us to have all of them.  We try to put all of the ones we have on Course Reserves but may miss some.


Maybe!  All of the above are kept at the Course Reserves Desk on the 1st Floor.  To request a particular textbook, you will need to find its call number:

1. Go to the library's website.

2. Locate Onesearch.

3. Use Onesearch's  drop down menu to choose Course Reserves (CSUSB).

4. Type in your course abbreviation and number, for example, "ENG 120," and click Search.  You also can search by your professor's last name or the title of the book.


Sorry, we cannot accept Interlibrary Loan requests for required textbooks.

And, no, we don't rent them; you just check them out. See the Coyote Bookstore for info on rentals.