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How do I download an ebook to my computer or reader device?

160 views   |   Last updated on Oct 04, 2018   


Ebooks sold to academic libraries cannot be downloaded in quite the same way that public library e-books can, or personal e-books that you buy from Amazon or B&N. Some of our ebooks don't offer any option for downloading, so you can only read them online.

However, for most of our ebooks, it's easy to download a limited portion of the book (such as a chapter or two) as a plain old PDF file that is yours to keep forever.

The Ebook Central platform offers full download for some titles, but only in EPUB format, which requires Adobe Digital Editions software to display. These files expire after a week or two, so you cannot keep them. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OPTION, due to the complexity of the set-up required. 

The newest Safari Tech Books platform allows download of the full book for offline reading, but only within the Safari Queue app. 

For complete details and instructions, check our Library Guide: Ebooks at Pfau Library.