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Can I get a course description from (insert year here)?

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Yes! The most current course catalog is available at the Bulletin of Courses home page.

PDF versions of the course catalogs from the 1998-99 academic year up to the prior year are available at the Bulletin of Courses archive.

A complete archive of the course catalogs back to 1965 is at CSUSB ScholarWorks: Bulletin of Courses

Just download the relevant year and print the class description you need. 

The library also has print editions of all CSUSB course catalogs (under the title Bulletin of Courses). They are always available in the Reference Collection on the first floor of the library, call number LD729.6.S25 A18, but do not leave the library. Use the photocopiers on the 1st floor (machines only accept Coyote OneCards or the guest cards sold in the library) to make copies.