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Where are the newspapers?

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It depends on which newspaper and from what time period.

Online - Many of the newspapers that we subscribe to are available online from the most recent issue going back decades. Check out our most popular online newspapers and database collections of newspapers. This includes the historical archive of the San Bernardino County Sun. Please check our Library Guide: Historic Newspapers for further information about online access to specific local papers, including the CSUSB campus newspaper, a.k.a. The Coyote Chronicle.

In Paper format - We carry a few titles of local and national interest in paper for about a month. The most recent issues are located on the newspaper rack in the Featured Magazines area on the 1st floor. The other issues are on the 3rd floor at the beginning of the periodicals section, left as you exit the elevator.

Microfilm - Many of our older historic newspapers and some recent archives are kept in microfilm, which are housed behind the elevator on the 4th floor.