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How do I find books for children?

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Books intended for children and young people are shelved in the Juvenile Collection, on the west end of the 5th floor (here is a map of the 5th floor). One way to find books is simply to browse the shelves in this area!

Use the Pfau Library's online catalog, OneSearch, to run a search Type in your keyword(s), for example, "cats," run the search, then use the Location (on the left side of the screen near the bottom) limit to select "Juvenile Collection 5th Floor."  You also can search by author or title.  Here is our illustrated guide with instructions, OneSearch User's Guide: Children's Books.

If you are looking for an award-winning children's book:

First consult the DAWCL database to determine the titles of books that have won specific awards. Then do a look for that title in OneSearch, limited to: Books & Media CSUSB, to determine if we have that book.