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How can I charge my phone or tablet?

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Check our map of electrical options: Plug In, Charge Up! (PDF)

A charging station with a variety of cords is located on the 1st floor of the library, in the Reference area. 

Two secure charging stations allow you to lock up your device while charging it. One is on the 1st near the Featured Magazines shelves, and one is on the 2nd floor, across from the elevators.

A charging table, with various cords as well as USB and electrical outlets, is at the bottom of the open staircase on the 1st floor, near the study area. 

Wireless charging is also available. Twenty-five charging Powermats have been installed on the 1st floor:

  • 4 at the South entrance on the table under the monitor
  • 5 on the countertop in the Café
  • 16 on four tables in the study area to the left of the open staircase

​Using Powermat:

You will need the free Powermat app and a “charging ring” adapter to charge your phone or tablet wirelessly. Borrow a ring from the Check-Out Desk; we have 10 rings each for Android/Windows (turquoise), iOS (white), and older 30-pin phones (black). Buy your own at the Coyote bookstore for $10.00.

  1. Plug the adapter into your device.
  2. Open the Powermat app. Make sure you have your location enabled! 
  3. Choose your location. Locations inside the library are: 
    • Café au Lib
    • Library Entrance (table near the south entrance)
    • Library Study Lounge (tables near the staircase)
  4. Lay the adapter ring over the spot on the mat to begin charging.

If you have a mobile device that supports PMA charging, such as the Samsung Galaxy 6 or recent Google Nexus models, you don't need an adapter ring!  

See also our FAQ: Where can I plug in my laptop or other device?